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Hydrogen - glebb - 17-09-2021

Hi when using TIMES as a decision support tool for hydrogen supply chains, how complete is the modelling and what features could be missing? Is it possible to employ TIMES as an external tool in another system - what are possible interfaces? An overview of these issues would be helpful. Best regards, Gleb

RE: Hydrogen - Antti-L - 17-09-2021

TIMES is a model generator, based on GAMS.  Therefore, it is quite possible to employ TIMES as an external tool in another system; GAMS includes many tools for such interfacing. However, usually the model input is managed under VEDA, and so direct interfaces have been mostly used from TIMES results to other systems.  Of course, you could also use data from other systems as inputs to TIMES model runs, but as said, normally that is managed through VEDA. Concerning hydrogen supply chains, the completeness of the modelling depends on the modeller.  For an example, see the hydrogen chains in the JRC EU TIMES model: JRC-Hydrogen-main.pdf For other examples and some discussion on best practices, see: ETSAP Hydrogen_project_dec2020.

RE: Hydrogen - Antti-L - 18-09-2021

Some overviews of interfaces:   ● GAMS Data Exchange with Other Applications   ● VEDA Results interfaces   ● The GDX-to-VEDA interface