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Information about GAMS versions for TIMES users - Antti-L - 24-02-2011

Starting from TIMES v3.1.1, GAMS 21.3 or higher is required for running TIMES. This limitation is due to the latest TIMES code making use of some GAMS features that were introduced in v21.3.

Older versions of TIMES, up to version v3.1.0, still work even with older GAMS versions. For example, I have tested TIMES v3.1.0 with GAMS 20.7, and it appeared to work well with that.

However, because using the latest TIMES version is advisable, it is highly recommended that all users of TIMES would use a GAMS version 21.3 or higher. If your system needs upgrading, you can contact the ETSAP liaison officer Gary Goldstein for help in getting a new GAMS licence.

TIMES users having a GAMS version between 21.3 and 22.2 and also using VEDA-BE should additionally install a separate GDX2VEDA package in order to be able to import model results into a VEDA-BE database. GDX2VEDA is distributed with GAMS, but the version distributed with the GAMS versions 21.3  22.2 is not compatible with TIMES, and therefore a separate GDX2VEDA package must be used instead. The separate compatibility package is available on request. Users running GAMS version 22.3 or above will have no need for this package.

In summary:
  • If you have GAMS version 22.3 or above, you should have no problems using the latest TIMES versions.
  • If using any of the GAMS versions 21.3 22.2 and also VEDA-BE, you need a separate GDX2VEDA package (existing users of VEDA-TIMES would have it already installed).
  • If using GAMS version 21.2 or below, you should consider upgrading your GAMS system.
This information is mainly intended for potential new users of TIMES that have some older GAMS system, so that they would know whether they will be able to use their existing GAMS system with TIMES.