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Modelling Distribution Level Electricity System - vsaini - 06-09-2017

Dear All,   I am thinking to model the electricity system at the distribution Level in TIMES to understand the impact of Solar PV and Electric Vehicles on the distribution segments. Therefore, I would like to know the following: - Is it possible to model different distribution voltage levels in AnswerTIMES - What all documents I need to refer that can help me to model this in AnswerTIMES - Presently, I am using the AnswerTIMES version 6.9.18 so what all features might be used for that? - Anyone having any old sample model wherein distribution segment is modelled that I may refer to?   Looking forward for your valuable response.   Regards Vinay Saini

RE: Modelling Distribution Level Electricity System - Antti-L - 06-09-2017

TIMES models can well include different electricity distribution voltage levels, at least insofar as any non-linear effects can be ignored. As an example, see The JRC-EU-TIMES model documentation: The JRC-EU-TIMES Model Page 129: Energy storage Page 157: Energy trade within EU28 Pages 162–163: National electricity grids No special features of TIMES are needed for such a simplified representation. For an example RES structure, see page 4 in the following presentation: Least Cost Optimisation Modelling of the 2020 Energy and Environmental targets in EU27