Full Version: TIMES run on Linux OS
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Hi all,

I am trying to run the TIMES model on Linux cluster. As you know, Linux is case-sensitive, so I encountered a few issues with the .RUN file. I corrected those, but I still seem to get some errors associated with the Gams_srcTIMES files. I have attached the .LST file after the run on Linux. This same model runs without any error on Windows OS.

Has anyone tried running the model on Linux before? Or can you help me to identify what is wrong with the source code from the LST file (I can see there are some "unknown symbols" called out).

LST File: uploads/172/


The problem in the listing file is caused by GAMS trying to load extension files using the file extension in UPPER case. Try running GAMS with the command line parameter filecase=2. That should fix this problem.

Thank you Antti! That did the trick! Also, I had to change all the directory and file names to lower case. Even a single upper case character in the directory name or file name stops the run.

Thank you! Smile