Full Version: TIMES v3.3.0 Now Available!
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Dear ETSAP partners and other licensed users of TIMES:

I am pleased to inform that the latest version of the TIMES model generator, TIMES v3.3.0 is now available for download:

In addition, an updated document on the TIMES Control Switches is available at the ETSAP site:

Any comments, suggestions and bug reports can be posted on this Forum, under the TIMES section.

Best regards,
Many thanks, GianCarlo
Hi GianCarlo,
    I am a newcomer for TIMES model. Do you know how much is the model?  I have try to apply for evaluation one but there have no response.
Dear Hongyan,

the best way to start is to follow a master course: see and following ones.

Or you can download the program:


GianCarlo Tosato