Full Version: How to limit the annual use of fuel
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Hi,  I have different transport fuels, but I want, as scenario, to limit the use of biofuels and biogas to what is only avalailable locally.  (I will attach my VT) Now I want to restrict the use of TRABG, TRAETH, and TRABIO, to what is available locally -- so give a maximum fuel in PJ use, like TRABG (PJ) <= BIOGAS LOCALLY AVAILBLE (PJ)... I have tried UC table, but when in results I look at VAR_FIN, more fuel is being used than what is available locally.  Can someone help me? Thanks
I am not sure how you define "available locally", but User constraints would certainly work fine. You can also use ACT_BND, FLO_BND and COM_BNDPRD, to bound either the annual activity or output flow of the FTE* processes, or the total production of the TRA* commodities, if either of these would fit your definition of "available locally". When defining bounds or RHS values, always remember also to use an appropriate inter-/extrapolation option.
(22-09-2023, 02:54 PM)demar Wrote: [ -> ]My VT
Hi! It worked with ACT_BND in the process that creates the fuel and then i gave the limit of resources that are locally available in PJ! Super thanks