Full Version: Storage flows in user constraints
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Is there any way to use storage input or output flows in user constraints? This could be useful for various reasons and feels like a gap in the model.
No, not directly.  The UC facility was never designed to support that. But indirectly yes.  Just define an auxiliary flow equal to the flow you want to refer, and then refer to that auxiliary flow with UC_FLO.  That works quite well and I think it is also reasonably easy, and that's why I have not considered it necessary to implement yet another UC component for directly referring to storage flows. The UC facility is already quite complex (and thereby a bit slow while generating the equations), and any additions increase the complexity. Using some (re-usable) dummy commodity of Lim type N would be a reasonable way to create an auxiliary flow, and the same dummy could then be used for multiple processes if needed.
Many thanks, Antti, good tip - that works nicely.