Full Version: Force the use of existing capacity
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Dear all, I am working in an existing model with highly efficient and low investment cost new technologies, I think because of this, the model is deciding to phase out existing technology quicky and not gradually, and make significant investments in new technologies. We would like to represent a more realistic behavior where the existing technologies are gradually phased out and used as much as possible (over the new ones). Is there any attribute/UC that can work to force this task? Best regards, Diana.
You may put a bound on the new capacity for each year/period as per the level of technology penetration you expect to be achieved in future. One more thing you may look into technology learning curve, although I haven't used them.
You are not telling what you mean by "the model is deciding to phase out existing technology quicky and not gradually".   Do you mean that the existing capacities are phased out?  If so, I don't think they can phase out any more quickly than you have defined (as defined by PRC_RESID or NCAP_PASTI+NCAP_TLIFE), unless you explicitly allow the processes to be retired before the end of their lifetime (by using PRC_RCAP/RCAP_BND). Or do you mean that the existing capacity is no longer being utilized, although the capacity exists? If so, you can use AFA(LO) or AFA(FX) to force a minimum or fixed utilization factor.
Thank you all, Even though I was referring to existing capacities, I have noticed the phase-out of existing capacities is normal (according to lifetime), so they are just no longer utilized although capacity is there. Then, I will work with AFA(FX) and AFA(LO). Thanks!