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IEA-ETSAP offers training courses at the introductory, intermediate and advanced levels (programs and conditions) to introduce new users to its model generators and user interfaces. If you are interested, please post your intent icons (with expectations) on the forum where groups of potential participants can form in different parts of the world.

The next ETSAP training will be held in Abu Dhabi on June 2015. The registration will be available in due time.

Two parallel courses are planned for this training session: one on VEDA-TIMES and one on ANSWER-TIMES. Both sessions will be conducted by existing users who are experienced energy systems modeling practitioners.

jobs  [Archives]

Postdoctoral Associate on Energy System Modeling and Policy Analysis in the Institute of Transportation Studies, University of California, Davis.
More information are available here

Vacancy notice for a Trainee position on "Modelling the interaction between the EU energy policy goals and the deployment of low carbon energy technologies" at the Institute for Energy and Transport (IET) of the European Commission’s Joint Research Centre in Petten/Netherlands.
Interested persons are encouraged to submit their application through the ESRA-tool (Deadline: 21/12/2014 23:59 Brussels time). More info: here

Vacant position of the Group Leader in the Energy Economics Group at PSI.
More information about this position is available at here

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The Joint Research Center/Institute of Energy and Transport has just published the ETRI 2014 Report, which provides up-to-date cost and performance characteristics of the present and future European energy technology portfolio until 2050.

Call for Abstracts for the International BE4 Workshop: Including Behaviour in Energy/Engineering/Economy/Environment models
The aim of the workshop is to bring together energy system researchers with expertise and interest in representing behaviour in whole-system energy/economy/engineering/environment (E4) models. The Workshop is co-funded by ETSAP and WholeSEM.
More details can be found here.

Since September 2011, ETASP E-TechDS is working in cooperation with the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) to develop and update briefs on renewable energy technologies.

A discussion forum has been set up to facilitate multilateral discussions on various ETSAP issues. ETSAP members are encouraged to register and participate.

ETSAP members can now access the ETSAP-TIAM model.

You may obtain a fully functional evaluation version of the MARKAL/TIMES, and GAMS, running under the ANSWER and/or VEDA "shells" upon execution of the ETSAP Letter of Agreement governing access to, and use of, ETSAP Tools. here