Changing Model Result Years
Well, I have never changed the Milestone years (result years) in ANSWER myself (I am mostly using VEDA).
But yes, I think you are doing the it the right way.

When using VEDA-FE, changing the Period definition is equally easy, and requires a similar procedure. To my knowledge, it has been done by numerous users without problems. I am also myself doing that frequently. However, in general, it requires that you are using the inter-extrapolation options for any attributes that are not inter-extrapolated by default, but which should be interpolated/extrapolated in the model. See TIMES-Interpolate.pdf for details.

Concerning your case, it is indeed strange that you have such big differences!
It is hard for me to imagine what could be causing them without seeing the model. But you should be able to see it yourself, by analysing the differences in the model results (between the old and new period definition). It might be due to some very simple modelling error, or due to a combination of many constraints that are incompletely specified under the new period definition.

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