Prescribing Ramp up and Ramp down rates for thermal power generation capacities
Dear Dr. Antti,

A heartfelt thank you for testing the parameter on your model. I have also done a re-run as per your suggestion and observed some peculiar nature of output that I would like to share with you.

- The ramp rate of 10% is followed by the model in most of the time slices but except for the first hour time slice of each month compared with the previous month last hour time slice.
- All the time slices within the parent month follows the 10% ramp up and down rate accurately (even the first hour and last hour of the same month follow the ramping rates)

Therefore Time slice April 01Hr to April24 Hr follows the ramping rate of 10%. But the time slice of April 24 Hr and May 01 Hr does not obey the ramping constraint of 10% however the time slice May 01 Hr to May 24 Hr follows the ramping constraint.

Model description: My model is an hourly model that’s solves demand and supply for each hours. For each year, I have 12 months and 288 sub time slices under these 12 months. Each time slice representing one hour of a day for each month i.e. April 01Hr time-slice represents first hour (12 a.m. to 1 a.m.) of each day in April and thus every month will have 24 time-slices. Therefore the 24 time slices of April Month will have a parent time slice as April Month.

Please share your views on this.

Further, I read the document shared by you in the previous messages. I am particularly interested in using the partial load efficiencies for my coal process. However, I am confused about the parameters to be used for the same as in my AnswerTIMES I am not able to see these parameters (I am using Answer Version 6.9.7). Please help me with what parameters I need to use and from where to activate those parameters in my AnswerTIMES.

Vinay Saini

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