Modeling two countries in one database
Dear Dr. Antti,

It will really helpful of you, if you could also provide more details on the below query:

1) When both the regions are running together, the overall objective function is the total surplus of the consumers and producers, which is maximized summing up the surplus over the two regions together. The joint model will have a single objective function of maximizing the overall surplus of all consumers and producers in both India and Nepal. How is the objective function represented in the form of an equation ? If this is documented please do send me the document or suggest from where it can be downloaded?

2) Does the same logic also applies when the TIMES model is run for a single country without trade? Implying that the objective function is a function of total surplus of the consumers and producers. So far I have been assuming that it is minimization of the energy system cost.

Warm Regards
Vinay Saini

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