Rounding Error ?
I have a model that consequently produces about 2 % less of all demand commodities compared to the model input, COM_PROJ. The demand has a day/night time-slice and the production of the demand commodities has the right COM_FR.

Any tips on the reason for this? Can it be a rounding error or something similar? Or is there something wrong with the model input? The model is split into 48 time-slice periods with the same size.

I am using Answer-TIMES.

All help is highly appreciated!

Hmmm... sounds very strange.  Really all demands? I cannot recall ever seeing a problem with such symptoms.

No, I cannot really see how this could be a rounding error.

I am afraid it is very difficult to make any useful guesses as to what might be the cause, without seeing the model.  Of course elastic demands may reduce demands below COM_PROJ, but probably they are not used in your runs.

Thank you for the fast reply Smile Yes it is for all demands. If I change the demand to annual it is no longer å problem.

This problem is only for two new regions I have added to the model, not the older regions, so I am sure there is some error in the model input that is causing this......

Actually the 2% difference would seem to fit with one timeslice somehow being excluded.  If the demands are at DAYNITE, can you see zero or missing flows consistently for one timeslice, or are the demands 2% too low at all timeslices?

Anyway, if you find the reason for this oddity, or can provide any more info on the problem, could you please give an update here. I hope it is not a bug, but even if it is just some error in the input data, I think something might be improved in the QA checks to detect it and inform the user about the problem.


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