Solving TIMES equations in Excel
I am trying to solve the equations in Excel, using my data to calculate INVCOST and FIXCOST etc. I am not getting the same results with that of AnswerTIMES run.

Have anyone else tried on this?

I think it is quite tedious to formulate all the equations of an energy system model in Excel. And that's one reason why TIMES has been developed. If you are using TIMES, there should not be much reason to try and build the same model in Excel, unless you have doubts about how TIMES works. Of course, you might also just want to learn how TIMES exactly works.

I have myself been always able to replicate TIMES in Excel, when I have had doubts. Of course, I have done that only with very small models, because it can really become quite tedious. Anyway, I am no longer having these doubts.

I agree and happy with TIMES results.

I am just trying to understand how it works, trying on one process, one year, and only one equation under one condition!

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