Could NCAP_AFC be defined on TS set?
Vangelis Wrote:I think that a possible application of such an extension could be considered for storage. For example in normal processes one can specify through AFS operational constraints related to capacity/activity availability across timeslices, which can be translated to capacity/commodity availability as well if the activity is the same as the output commodity flow. In storage processes a similar functionality can be achieved through other approaches, as the activity has a different meaning in them. I think that by having the NCAP_AFC on timeslices set, then the introduction of constraints related to capacity/commodity availability for storage processes can be simplified. 

What do you think?

Ok, I am sure this can be considered. But to get a better picture of the desired functionality, could you also give some more detailed example(s) of the various operational constraints needed for storage processes that would be simplified by the extension?

[EDIT:] Ok, I have now verified that this can be reasonably implemented. I hope to include this generalization in the next version. You would then be able to define timeslice-specific availability factors separately for the storage output flows, the storage input flows, and the storage activity, all at any timeslice. However, lower bound availability factors can still be only specified for the activity, like now. And of course, there is only a single capacity variable for each vintage, and so the assumption is that the charging, discharging and storage capacities are all proportional to the single capacity variable.


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