Could NCAP_AFC be defined on TS set?
Vangelis Wrote:Do you think that it is feasible to have the NCAP_AFC parameter defined on TS set instead of TSLVL set?

An advantage would be that by doing this the NCAP_AFC could be used in the same way that AFS is used and thus it increases the flexibility in modeling as we have a similar functionality with AFS for commodity-specific availability factors.

I am not sure what is the exact motivation of the proposed change. Already now, the availability factors defined via NCAP_AFC are multiplied by the AF/AFS/AFA values (using the standard default value=1, if not specified). That makes it reasonably easy to define timeslice-specific availabilities also when using NCAP_AFC. However, the obvious limitation is that the timeslice-specific multipliers (AF/AFS) are not commodity-specific. Therefore, if you are specifically referring to this limitation, then I do understand the motivation for the proposed change, but it would still be nice to see some real-world examples where you would indeed need a full matrix of timeslice and commodity-specific availabilities, and where the current approach, where the timeslice and commodity-specific vectors are multiplied, thus does not suffice.

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