IEA-ETSAP Website, Suggestions
Hi Giancarlo,

Very pleased to see things moving on this front!

Below find *GG* thoughts for the various points you raised.



Subject: IEA-ETSAP, web site

Dear ExCo Delegates, Dear ETSAP Tools users,

At the ExCo meeting held in Paris on June 17, 2013, the Chair asked to submit comments and suggestions in order to proceed with an overall update of the website and the documents presented on it. I posted the following questions on our forum []:
Delegates and users ask to improve our web site: what are your suggestions?

I would suggest starting by looking at and evaluating "competing” websites. Five to begin with might be
•     SEI: LEAP model -
•     IAEA: MESSAGE et al -
•     NREL: ReEDS -
•     OSeMOSYS - [i see that Commend (SEI's LEAP forum) now plugged in handling the discussion forum]

Top priority should be for everyone to be able to simply and easily see what the model is being used for – which is the single most important thing to convey to modellers, policy advisors and "outsiders” in general it seems to me. Two views of the publication list should be available, by topic and region/country (perhaps via an interactive map). Special attention/indication of those reports that specifically contributed directly to government decision-making, policy formulation and regulations (e.g., UK White Paper, UNFCCC commutations, US clean air act) should be highlighted, where possible (as opposed to modelling exercises/technical papers). A key graphics and main takeaway from those (and others?) perhaps should be submitted by the authors as part of the posting.

The entire website, or at least the publications section, should be searchable.

A systematic process of seeing where the ETSAP website lands on various search engines for the key phases that we feel are most relevant to what ETSAP is all about and what the ETSAP tools can do should be undertaken.

Where we are looking to explain the Tools keep it as simple as possible – oriented towards potential new users and policy advisor types. Emphasize the strengths and unique capabilities that distinguish them from others.

The website needs to be kept current – in particular when it comes to the Home Page and the list of Contracts. With respect to the latter, the Registration page should ask if OK to list the institution/name&email contact on the website (with the default being yes – so must be checked to NOT list it).

So far what was our target audience? Mainly users! How can we better serve them?

*GG* as noted above, emphasize and organize with an eye towards promoting what the Tools has been successful used for by others.

Getting the new training material available online – particularly for the intermediate/advanced "how to” material. And consider a training module that would provide a "full” model (perhaps the complete version of the training model) and a series of exercises/examples that mimic an actual policy analysis process. And include an "exercise” for the interested new user to take that further, with answers available.

•     Delegates?

*GG* Are likely most interested in the ExCo, where for them it may be useful to prepare key points extracted from the ExCo minutes for each meeting, They may also be interested in actual analyses leading to policy/regulatory decisions.

•     Licensed users?

*GG* On the documentation page provide a sentence or paragraph for each item that describes what it's for/all about. Get the user list current and expanded. Provide the enhanced training material discussed above.

•     Modellers?

*GG* Well organized Applications/Publications section, searchable. Documentation/training comments apply as well. Get the user list current and expanded.

•     Other experts?

*GG* As noted earlier, a most important target audience should be technical policy advisor types. Well organized Applications/Publications section, searchable, seems like what might benefit them most.

Do you think that it is important to present our contributions also to non-users, who don't know anything about ETSAP and MARKAL-TIMES? How can our web site become a valuable and reliable source of information for:
•     Journalists?

*GG* Not so important.

•     Policy makers?

*GG* Extremely important.

•     Informed citizens?

*GG* Not so important.

•     Associations?

*GG* Not so important.

•     Students?

*GG* Training material, sample model and documentation should cover their basics.
What are we trying to say?

*GG* That ETSAP is unique. Has proven tools that are widely used and can provide important insights for policy formulation, R&D prioritization, etc., and a network of highly skilled collaborating experts that perform such analyses and share their knowledge/expertise.

What contributions would you highlight and make available to non-users through our web site?

*GG* Most everything. Not sure what needs to be restricted (other than financial information if that get posted)?

Please, post your replies on our forum or send them me. The collection of your contributions will guide our process to improve our web site.

*GG* Again, let me know if you'd like me to post this email on the Forum to see if we can get if moving.

Thanks, GianCarlo

GianCarlo TOSATO
IEA-ETSAP, Project Head

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