probelm with VAR_CAP
In my model I've got a 3 processes (1 chp and 2 stg) and VAR_CAP is lowering every year the same amount of these 3(300 units). I need to have constant capacity of these processes and I don't know what I messed up. Could you write me of what parameters it depends and where I should find it.
VAR_CAP depends on any new capacity installed (VAR_NCAP), past investments (specified by either NCAP_PASTI or PRC_RESID), and the technical lifetime NCAP_TLIFE (which affects VAR_CAP via VAR_NCAP and NCAP_PASTI). In addition, investment lead times (NCAP_ILED) and early capacity retirements may affect it, but only if you have activated them.

For keeping the capacity of a process constant, you could e.g. specify a constant PRC_RESID, or a single NCAP_PASTI with a long lifetime (and disallow new investments). Or, you could use a constant bound on VAR_CAP (allowing new investments).
Could you write me where and how I should specify constant PRC_RESID for these processes? Is it in syssettings or their process sheets?
Well, PRC_RESID is just a TIMES parameter, like other parameters. You can thus specify it just like other process-related parameters.  When using VEDA, you can specify it in Base Templates, Subres files and Scenario files. A constant PRC_RESID=X from 2010 to 2050 could be defined be specifying PRC_RESID(2010)=X and  PRC_RESID(2050) =X.  The parameter is interpolated on the intermediate years, and so it will have the value X in all years between 2010 and 2050. If you need more help on specifying parameters under VEDA, you could post your question on the VEDA Forum.
ok, thx

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