Finishing processes


I have a doubt about the finishing processes. In my model I see that in the industry sectors such as ICU, ICM, IAL, IIS, it appears a pair of finishing processes (00 & 01) included.

I have tried to create a new technology as an entire box, e.g. a cement plant, considering an output of cement (ICM). This path obviates the existence of an intermediate finishing process which uses the clinker (MCMCLK) and energy as inputs and creates ICM as output, it means 2 boxes: one for the clinker plant and one for the cement production (Finishing process). Using this one-step path the model dose not run so my doubt is: is it always necessary the existence of a finishing process which mixes the energy chain and the material chain? And, if this is true, why does not it appear any finishing process in the sub-sector ICL, for instance?

I think there is no reason to have doubts about the finishing processes.

You can model a cement manufacture process with or without separate finishing process(es). A separate finishing process may be useful for simplifying the process representation, when there are several possible clinker production technologies and/or fuels that can used for the whole process. But you can also model the whole process from limestone and fuels to Portland cement with a single TIMES process.
Thank you for your answer, sir. I was doing wrongly because I was saying that my process was included as "PRE" in the set membership and that provoked inconsistencies since it is "DMD".


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