DELHI - Sep/Oct 2010
A VEDA-TIMES course is proposed in Delhi around Sep/Oct 2010. We are planning to take around 10 participants. Interested?
I am looking forward to take up this course, I have been employed in the field of energy efficiency and climate change for the past 6.5 years. I was employed as consultant (Engineer - Energy) in a not for profit industrial body. I have also completed the certification of energy  conducted by BEE. In this brief years of experience I was also associated with some energy and climate change policy issues related to industrial level and national level panel. At present i am employed as assitant manager client engagement in a cleantech firm

My qualifications: Bachelor's in Electrical  Engineering
                            Post graduate diploma in business management ( marketing and Project financing)

my takeaways from the training
I would like to get a grip on economic models related to energy efficiency, financial implications on   energy substitution , carbon accounting , and other predictive measures for a better energy adoption by learning  to simulate through the models ( markkal and TIMES )

how ever i would also like to state that i dont have any background in working with these models

i hope there will lot of participation and fruitful knowledge sharing
Hey ,
Happy New Year!!
I am looking for the this year MARKAL and Times Training.
So when and where will be this year training to be held?
I thank you for your consideration

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