Peak coefficient
Can anyone suggest literature on how the peak coefficient is derived?

We want to derive the peak coefficient for wind turbines based on wind data per hour for the past 10 -20 years for different regions offshore and onshore.

Some questions:

- Is it sufficient with data on an hour basis or is data per 10 min required?

- Do you use the minimum wind speed value of the past 20 years or do you select a representative year?

- If latter, how do you know if it is a representative year?

- How do you handle the situation where the wind speed is below the operational area of the wind turbine (cut in speed)?

I assume that we will see that there is less variation in the wind speed for offshore compared to onshore wind turbines. Also, I assume that the peak coefficient differ if you model a small region, a country or the world. Do anyone have an opinion on this?

I am grateful for all comments!




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