VEDA 2.0 Unsaved results tables visualization
Dear all, 

I've noticed that in VEDA2.0, when after having created a result table without saving it ("Unsaved_*"), if then I want to open a new unsaved table, then I lose the previous one. This was however not the case in the old VEDA-BE, where I could open several unsaved tables. 
Is there instead a way to do so also in VEDA2.0?

Thank you in advance!
Dear user,

Currently, there is no way you can view multiple unsaved tables in VEDA2.0 results.

You can view multiple saved result tables along with one unsaved result.
Thanks for the answer. Do you think it will soon be possible to view multiple unsaved tables in VEDA2, too?
To "start" another unsaved view, you need to click the refresh icon - to the left of views list button. Till you do that, you are editing the active unsaved view.
Great to know, thanks!
I hope you also use the "ExRES" feature - on right-click of any process/commodity (and their sets). I almost always use this instead of temp views.
Thank you for the explanation!

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