Supply and Demand Curve do not matches.
Dear Sir,

I am working on TIMES with 4 seasons (SI, S, W & WI) with 24 hours' time slices (D01 to D24) along with Run of River (ROR), Peaking Run of River (PROR), Storage (STR), Solar (SOL) and Import (IMP).

I have added AF for Solar and Storage in BY_Trans. because for some time slice the values for the solar and storage need to be zero.

Further the ROR, PROR and Import should be in such a way that they should supply for all the time slice, but I am getting values where for some time slices it is completely supplying with ROR and similar with other. 

Also, while checking the fuel supply and demand curve they do not matches with each other.

Would you please look into it and guide me with the same.

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