NOTICE: Do not define NRG as commodity
It was just discovered that the work-around suggested years ago for some old VEDA-FE versions to accept using NRG for NCAP_AFC, by defining NRG as a commodity, will trigger a bug in TIMES v4.6.9.

While this work-around was indeed suggested (on the VEDA Forum) years ago to overcome the incomplete support in VEDA-FE, it was already then stated as a "dirty work-around".  See: Having commodity group for NCAP_AFC

Under VEDA2 there is no reason at all to use this dirty old workaround, and therefore, because of the bug discovered to be triggered by it in TIMES v4.6.9, it is now a good time to stop using it if you have resorted to it before.  VEDA2 fully supports commodity groups for NCAP_AFC.

The bug will of course be fixed in the next release (v4.7.0), but nonetheless, it is recommended to avoid defining commodity types as commodities, as that will remain an officially unsupported specification, which may potentially cause unexpected side-effects, like the case has always been. The workaround was only suggested as a temporary solution for defining NCAP_AFC(NRG), and so any users still using it are now encouraged to stop defining NRG as a commodity.

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