Modelling of a Storage Process
Dear Dr. Antti,

AL> Ok, now you say there is a problem "of charging and discharging of the storage process at some time slices in a year".  I assume you mean charging and discharging in the same timeslice?  Well, at least I am able to use all my mobile battery devices also simultaneously while charging. I can receive and make calls, and run applications, while the device shows that charging takes place at the same time. So, I am not quite sure why you consider that posing a problem? I would consider it a much bigger problem if I would not be able to use the device while charging…  

VS> Simultaneous charging and discharging of mobile is good but I am not sure whether the same is true for a Battery storage plant as they are constructed to charge at low market price (off peak hours) and discharge at high market prices (typically during peak hours). Hence, I am not sure whether battery based storage plants can do charging and discharging at the same time. That’s why I pointed it as an issue.

AL> Anyway, I can see that you have now modelled the storage device completely differently than your original device and description, without explaining the changes:

• You have completely changed the topology, which earlier had ELEG as an input and output but now completely unrelated commodities, and different for input and output.  And you give no explanation to these changes. Thus, I have no idea what these two new commodities represent, and whether there are perhaps many processes operating between them.
• You have added NCAP_AFC(r,y,p,com,tsl)=1 for all timeslice levels and both input and output commodities, but you give no explanation to all these parameters. I find these particularly strange, because NCAP_AFC(r,y,p,com,DAYNITE)=1 of course mathematically implies NCAP_AFC(r,y,p,com,tsl)=1 on all coarser timeslice levels, and so the parameters do not make any sense to me.
• You are still defining NCAP_AF(ANNUAL,LO)=0.4, even though you have defined neither any upper bound availability for the storage level nor any storage losses. The purpose of the NCAP_AF(ANNUAL,LO)=0.4 is therefore now unexplained to me (earlier, I understood it has a purpose, because you bounded the storage level by the capacity).
• You have also defined ACT_EFF for the process, although I think the process is meant to be a storage process, and in the documentation you can see that ACT_EFF cannot be used for storage.

VS> Yes, I changed the topology and apologies for not explaining that in the previous post. I tried to limit the output from the storage process using NCAP_AFC and while doing so I did change the topology to have different names of input and output commodities as I was not aware of using the “NRG” in the commodity group, which could have simplified the process for me. Further, I was referring to the old documentation (from my system AnswerTIMES documentations) therefore; I missed the major points about the storage process and capabilities of its associated parameters. Now, I am referring to the new documentation.
So, I will do it again as per your suggestion, but I still need clarification on the following:

- I want to limit the storage capacity to 4 hours, so can I use NCAP_AFC('ACT') with value of 0.1666 at DAYNIGHT Time slice level (storage of 4 hours in a day i.e. 4/24 )? Further, what is ACT in the expression NCAP_AFC('ACT')? Is it the Activity? Because, in the drop down menu of AnswerTIMES it only shows ‘ACTGRP’. Is ‘ACTGRP’ the right one to select and model NCAP_AFC(ACT)?  

- I also want to model the depth of discharge in my storage process. For instance, if I want to model a depth of Discharge of 80%, which means at any given time my storage process charge will not go below 20% of the capacity then in-order to achieve that can I use the NCAP_AF (LO) (at annual level) with of 0.20?

Looking forward for your reply.

Warm Regards,
Vinay Saini

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