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I have created a UC that forces the ACT_BND (LO limit) of a new technology in period (2016) following the BY (2014), after doing this some technologies are installed in the BY (VAR_Ncap > 0) also, investment costs appear to be zero. Do you know what could be happening?

START has been defined as 2016 for all new technologies.

I am not fully able to follow the description of the issue.  I don't see how UC constraints could be affecting any ACT_BND parameters.  Do you mean that you define UC constraints where you use UC_ACT to define a lower bound for some activities?

Then, you say that "some technologies are installed in the BY (VAR_Ncap > 0) also, investment costs appear to be zero".  Do you mean that new capacity is installed for these technologies in 2014 even though you have START=2016 defined for them?  That would be very strange indeed.  If so, I would be willing to investigate the  problem if you can provide the model input files (*.DD, *.RUN; either uploaded here or by sending me a download link privately).

Concerning investment costs being zero, do you mean that they are zero even though you actually have defined investment costs for these technologies? That would also be very strange indeed...
Sorry, my bad, it is not a User Constrain.

I created a Scenario with an Insert Table. please find attached the .DD and .RUN file

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There was only a single *.DD file in the zip file. However, I can see from the RUN file that all the following 18 *.DD files should be included:


I am sorry, but I am not able to investigate the issue without having all the input DD files. Blush
Sorry, now is complete. Thanks  Shy

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Thanks, I got the files, and I think I was able to reproduce the issue.

I can actually see only one technology having new capacity installed in2014: RHUNSOLE101. And that new capacity is well explained by the following facts:

 • The technology has zero investment costs in 2014 (you have defined investment costs for it in the years 2016 and 2020, and you are using interpolation option 5 for the investment costs, which means forward interpolation/extrapolation, and so there is thus no investment costs defined for it before 2016);

 • Contrary to what you said before, you have NOT defined any START parameter for this technology, and so the model can invest into it already in 2014, and with the zero investment costs you have implicitly defined for it (because of the interpolation option 5).

To fix this issue, I would therefore recommend to 1) remove any interpolation options 5 for the investment costs of all new technologies you have (I can see several solar technologies having such in the RCA.DD file); and 2) define START=YYYY for all technologies that should not have new capacity installed before year YYYY.

Hope that helps.
Dear Antti

As I told you, START has been defined for all new technologies as you can see in the image attached. It is in the SubRES area in a file called "SubRES_RCA".
Is there something wrong with the way it is defined?


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Sorry Antti,

I had the ~FI_T in the wrong place. It should be at the top of Comm-OUT. You are right, it has not been read.

Now is working. Thanks a lot for your help!

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