Storage Flows in/out secuence
Dear all,

I would like to confirm if TS act in sequence when charging/discharging or not, or the sequence can start in any part of the season.

All storage processes are defined as STG (For general timeslice storage) at DAYNITE level.

So, to be able to discharge (to have VAR_FOut) from any process, this should have been charged first (have VAR_FIn)?. I am asking because in some periods I have a discharge at the beginning, without having charge the process before, or I have a storage level (VAR_Act) higher than 0 at the beginning of the season, let's say S03Q01, without charging before (VAR_Fin).

In the TS before (S02Q12) the storage level is "0", which I think this is logical for this case because since it is at DAYNITE level, there is no interaction (exchange) between seasons, but inside S03 there should be a Fin before having a storage level higher than 0 and before discharging? or since there are multiple cycles under that same season, the cycle can start in another timeslice? let's say: 

charging in = S03Q05-S03Q09
discharging = S03Q10, S03Q11, S03Q12, S03Q01, S03Q02, S03Q03, S03Q04

This way the relationVar_Act (T1)+Var_FIn(T1)–Var_FOut(T1)= Var_Act(T2) holds. (Taking in account efficency)
In TIMES, the DAYNITE timelices within each season (or its parent timeslice) are by default assumed to correspond to a representative day in that season. The timeslices of the representative day form a cycle, where the cycle is assumed to be repeated as many times as there are days within the season. The set of those timeslices can be said to be arranged in a Cyclic order, and the sequence is repeated like in a Periodic sequence.

Taking your example, it seems you have 24 equal length timeslices in each season, and they thus correspond to the hours of the representative day. The sequence of the timeslices is ordered exactly as defined by you, and form a cycle, such that hour 01 follows hour 24, hour 02 follows hour 01, and so on, hour 24 follows hour 23, and hour 01 again follows hour 24, just like in a 24-hour clock.  The 24-hour cycle is assumed to be repeated so many times that all the hours in the full season are covered.

I would thus confirm that the operation of DAYNITE storage follows the ordered sequence of the timeslices, where no unique start/end timeslice can be identified.
Dear Antti, thank you very much for your help.

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