No VAR_Cap even though there is VAR_FIn and VAR_FOut throughout STG techs

I have modeled two storage technologies. There was no capacity installed (no stock) so there where both declared in SubRES only.

In the results, both technologies, EUSTGELRS01 (electricity storage) and RHUNSTGH01 (thermal storage) are used, they have flow in and out of their respective commodities but there is no new capacity installed and there was not capacity installed before. VAR_Cap and VAR_NCap do not appear. What could be the problem?
Simultaneous input and output flows to/from storage can happen if all of the following conditions are true:

1) The storage has no efficiency losses (no STG_EFF specified, or it is 1)
2) There are no costs specified on the input or output flow
3) The storage capacity represents the nominal max. amount that can be stored (i.e. no NCAP_AFC is specified)
4) The input and output flows are at the same timeslice

Under these conditions the storage would thus be passing the commodity flow directly through the storage, without any storage operation (the input and output are at the same timeslice). And, therefore no capacity is needed for the stored amount, because nothing gets stored. However, usually this condition does not cause any problem as such. The storage effectively does nothing at all, although you see an input and output flow.

But if the issue you are seeing does not fit with this explanation, I would be happy to investigate your case, if you can provide the model input files (*.DD and *.RUN).
Was my answer of any help to you, or do you still see problems with the storage processes?
Sorry for the late response, I had to do part of the model again.

The NCAP_AFC, costs, and efficiencies are specified. I still do not have VAR_Cap even though there is Flow in and out of the storage technologies (The flow in and out happens in different timeslices which is ok).

Please find attached the files


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Thanks, I will look into it, if you could you provide all the 10 *.DD files
(your ZIP contained only a single DD file, new-rca-techs-change_stg4_ts.dd):

Please find attached all files.

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You say that you still do not have VAR_Cap even though there is Flow in and out of the storage technologies.

I tested with your files, and I cannot reproduce your findings:
 – EUSTGELRS01 has input and output flows AND also capacity investments and the corresponding Var_Cap, as expected
 – RHUNSTGH01 does NOT have any input or output flows, nor capacity, which is also as expected

Any ideas why I cannot reproduce the issue?
I just realized that if I select the commodities in the VEDA-BE tables for the presentation of the data, the VAR_Cap will not appear, now that I have deleted the commodities, the VAR_Cap information is appearing. Thanks for your help.

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