"Decayr" attribute

The results of our model shows fast changes in investments in new technologies over the model's time period. We wonder if there is a method to slow down these changes. Could we use the "Decayr" attribute. If yes, how could this attribute be used?

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There is no "Decayr" attribute in the ETSAP TIMES model generator.  Are you referring to some other modelling system?

If using TIMES, you could use the technology-specific dynamic constraints for bounding the increase/decrease in capacity/activity, and with the general TIMES user constraints you can formulate almost any kinds of constraints for any sets of technologies, including dynamic constraints limiting the increase/decrease in activities, capacities, flows, and investment costs between periods.
Please see the documentation: Part II: Comprehensive Reference Manual
  – Section 6.3.39 for technology-specific dynamic bounds on growth/decay
  – Section 6.4  for general User Constraints

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