Use of TIMES for Electric Vehicle Modeling
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I was wondering whether AnswerTIMES could be used for assessment of Electric Vehicles Impact on the Distribution Grid ? What type of possible impacts that we could assess using TIMES for EV. 

It will be really helpful, if you could tell me about any past studies based on TIMES that assessed EV impacts on the grid. 

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Vinay Saini
Seeing no other responses yet, my brief stake is the following: TIMES is primarily intended for long-term energy system analysis, and, as such, I would say that one could use TIMES for analysing the impact of Electric Vehicles at least on the following grid-related aspects:
 • Investments into new generation capacity in each grid node (due to the EV impact on demand levels and profiles)
 • Investments into new transmission capacity between grid nodes (due to the EV impact on demand levels and profiles)
 • Transmission losses (due to the EV impact on flows between grid nodes)
 • Ability to integrate intermittent renewable energy sources (e.g. by modelling EVs as storage technologies)
 • Ability to do demand valley-filling and peak shaving by charge management strategies

Local impacts, for example on the wear and overloads of transformers and on local blackouts, as well as non-linear effects on power flows and power quality, should most likely be studied with different models.
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Thank you for your reply.

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