EQ_COMBAL.M (Commodity Balance- Marginal)
The original EQ_COMBAL.M values provided by the solver are discounted period-wise values.
The EQ_COMBAL.M values reported by TIMES are undiscounted yearly values.

The undiscounting factors UNDISC(r,t) for each region r and period t are:

UNDISC(r,t) = ∑(periodyr(t,y), obj_disc(r,y))

where periodyr(t,y) is the set containing the individual years y in each period t, and obj_disc(r,y) is the parameter for the discounting factors for each region r and year y.

EQ_COMBAL.M(r,t,c,s)(reported) = EQ_COMBAL.M(r,t,c,s)(solver) / UNDISC(r,t)

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