EQ_COMBAL.M (Commodity Balance- Marginal)
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Dr. Antti, I am using the value of EQ_COMBAL.M (Commodity Balance- Marginal) in M USD per PJ to calculate the commodity marginal price at hourly level. I would like to know whether the value of EQ_COMBAL.M shown at various model result years (such as 2020, 2025, 2030, etc) in the model are discounted to model base year (base year is 2012 in my model) or undiscounted values of the result period?


Vinay Saini
The original EQ_COMBAL.M values provided by the solver are discounted period-wise values.
The EQ_COMBAL.M values reported by TIMES are undiscounted yearly values.

The undiscounting factors UNDISC(r,t) for each region r and period t are:

UNDISC(r,t) = ∑(periodyr(t,y), obj_disc(r,y))

where periodyr(t,y) is the set containing the individual years y in each period t, and obj_disc(r,y) is the parameter for the discounting factors for each region r and year y.

EQ_COMBAL.M(r,t,c,s)(reported) = EQ_COMBAL.M(r,t,c,s)(solver) / UNDISC(r,t)
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