Setting com_lim to 'N' produces an unexpected result
I believe you are also using COM_AGG for the this LULUCF emission.
COM_AGG aggregates VAR_COMNET into the target commodity, if COM_LIM=LO.
But if COM_LIM=FX or COM_LIM=N, it aggregates VAR_COMPRD into the target commodity (this seems a natural convention to me, because if the user does not want to have the VAR_COMNET variables, what else than VAR_COMPRD can we then aggregate)?

That would explain the VAR_COMPRD in your commodity balance, when COM_LIM=N.  

Obviously, if you are indeed using COM_AGG, you must have either VAR_COMNET or VAR_COMPRD active. And surely you would want also the negative emissions aggregated into the target, no?  
Therefore, the solution would be to set the lower bound of either variable to -INF.

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