Setting com_lim to 'N' produces an unexpected result
There are multiple unclear issues in your question:

1. You say that the first equation was a "normal" equation generated with COM_LIM=UP.  However, COM_LIM=UP is used for unlimited renewables, for which no commodity balance is to be generated. The normal commodity balance equation is generated with COM_LIM=LO, and it is of type >= (EQG_COMBAL)  Your equation is of equality type (EQE_COMBAL), and so the equation is definitively neither normal, nor one that you should get when using COM_LIM=UP.

2. You say that the second equation is generated by setting com_lim to 'N'. When COM_LIM=N, no commodity balances will be generated, unless you explicitly request that it should nonetheless be generated, by defining a bound or a cost on the corresponding VAR_COMNET variable, or referring to the VAR_COMNET in a user constraint. In that case, the equation type will be EQE_COMBAL, and the VAR_COMNET variable is activated. I believe you thus must have requested the generation of such a commodity balance, by referring to the VAR_COMNET variable in one way or another.

If you can reproduce the issue with the DEMO model, I would be happy to look at it more closely.

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