Regional modelling with TIMES
I have two models, India and Bangladesh in TIMES. I want to have a regional model with these two countries. I have integrated them with the option Export and Import Scenario explained in Section 2.9 in the User manual. 

However, I get few problems when I run the integrated model. One is electricity demand  of one country for each time slice is reduced by about 6%. I have checked the demand equation for each time slice, where demand number is multiplied by 0.93-0.94. No clue from where this number is coming. When I run two models separately as a single country model in the integrated framework, it produces very different results than the Stand-alone model. I want to reach someone who is doing regional modelling.
Dear Anjana,

From your description, it is very difficult to conclude much about the problems.

But concerning the demand problem, it kind of resembles an earlier report from another user, which was never resolved. See:
Therefore, as the current maintainer of TIMES, I would be interested in looking at that problem.

If you would be willing to send me the model input files (all the *.DD and *.DDS files and the *.GEN file from the work folder) and preferably also the listing file (*.LST) from the model run, I would be happy to investigate the demand problem.

If that would be OK for you, could you please pack all these files into a ZIP/RAR file, and send it to me (I think you have my email address). I would then be able to reproduce the run and find out why the electricity demand is not as expected.
For any interested Forumers:

Thanks to Anjana, the demand problem was resolved as being caused by a few spurious timeslice mappings in the set TS_PARENT (a set specific to ANSWER-TIMES ).  It also seems possible that the similar problem reported earlier by a Norwegian user was caused by the same issue (because these spurious entries were somehow introduced when importing a new region to an existing model).

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