Limited/Unlimited Renewable Issue
If I choose hydro , wind and other renewable energy sources as unlimited renewable (FRERENEW) commodity; the solution is optimal.

But if I consider these sources as limited renewable (LIMRENEW) commodity, solution is infeasible.

I want to limit the potential of hydro energy and want to make it recognized  not as source with unlimited potential  but as source with 1 PJ (for example) maximum limit. FLO_BND parameter is useful for process by process but not for all flow share same year.

Do I need to add another parameter to make them LIMRENEW and limit the flow of source in a year or
Is there a way to limit the total flow of source in a year?

My model is attached herewith in .xls file, rename extension to .mdb to open.

This post is actually sent by Eda DAL.

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The difference between the unlimited renewable (FRERENEW) and the limited renewable (LIMRENEW) commodity types is the default Lim_type of the commodity:  It is 'UP' for FRERENEW and 'LO' for LIMRENEW. 'LO' is the default Lim_type for all energy commodities in TIMES, and it is associated with the inequality type commodity balance:

  Production ≥ Consumption

The 'UP' type is not associated with any kind of commodity balance in TIMES, and therefore no commodity balance equation will be generated for such commodities. That is why your model is feasible, even though you don't have any supply of hydro or wind in your model.  But if you change the lim_type to 'LO' (e.g. via the LIMRENEW specification), you will have those balance equations, and therefore you would need to model the supply of hydro or wind in the model, by adding some processes that produce the WND (wind) and HYDRO commodities. Then you could easily define also bounds on the supply in various ways, by using ACT_BND/FLO_BND/CAP_BND/NCAP_AF/ etc.

However, reading your post, it seems that perhaps you would just like to define hydro and wind as LIMRENEW, but still without having any supply of hydro or wind in your model.  Is that correct?  That could be accomplished simply by specifying COM_LIM(UP) for hydro and wind. But in that case it would not be equally easy to limit the potentials, if you have several wind or hydro power plants consuming the wind and hydro commodities.

If that does not answer your question, perhaps you could more clearly describe how you would like to model the limits for the potentials, and whether or not you could also consider adding the supply of hydro or wind in the model?

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