Question on emission factors
Sorry, I am not sure I am able to follow. Which problem are you talking about?  Kang referred to a modelling problem, where emission factors were defined for blended fuels by COMEMI, regardless of the blending shares upstream. That problem is easy to solve by using emission factors on those upstream fuel technologies.

With FLO_EMIS you can do everything what you can do with COMEMI, but also much more. COMEMI is actually converted by VEDA to the TIMES attribute VDA_EMCB, which defines emission factors on process input flows. So, FLO_EMIS can do everything COMEMI can do, and it is also year-dependent.

If you mean that emission factors of vintaged processes should be possible to define also on a non-vintaged basis, that would be a different, completely unrelated issue. Both FLO_EMIS and VDA_EMCB (and so COMEMI as well) result in vintaged emission factors for vintaged processes. But fuel technologies are in most cases non-vintaged and do not have that issue.

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