Modelling a Pondage based Run of River plant
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I would like to know your thought on modelling a Pondage based Run of River plant that has the following characteristics:

The plant capacity is 100 MW and its having pondage of 6 hours every day i.e. the plant can run at full capacity for 6 hours every day (these types of plant are preferably designed for meeting the peak). Now if the plant load factor for the month of April is 40% (as per available data) then its monthly generation will be 28800 MWh (as only monthly data is available with me). This highlights that although the plant had 6 hour pondage but its generation is more than 6 hours every day.


Now to model this kind of plant I am sharing with you my modelling approach (please find below), but I would like to know your views and suggestion on the same. You may suggest some other alternatives and it will be really great as I have to model around 10 PROR plants.  


Approach: I have used the following parameters for the modelling of PROR plant:

My model is an hourly model that’s solves demand and supply for each hours. For each year, I have 12 months and 288 time slices. Each time slice representing one hour of a day for each month i.e. April 01Hr time-slice represents first hour (12 a.m. to 1 a.m.) of each day in April and thus every month will have 24 time-periods. 


Process Name: PROR-HYDRO

NCAP_AF – Upper bound for all the hours of the month as 100% i.e. H01 to H 24 all values as 1

NCAP_COST-  1583 Million USD per GW

NCAP_FOM- 25 Million USD per GW

NCAP_TLIFE- 50 Years


Process Filter: HYDRO (selects the 100 MW PROR –HYDRO process)

Now to restrict the generation in April Month from 100 MW PROR plant to 28800 MWh (equivalent to PLF of 40%), I will use a user constraint modelled as mentioned below:

User Constraint: Month April-PROR

Total Gen April (Process: PROR-HYDRO) - PLF* Total Cap(Process: PROR-HYDRO) * Hours April Month*Conversion Factor (GWH into PJ) <= 0

For April Month the Equation will be:

Total Gen April (PROR-HYDRO) – 40%* 0.100 GW* 730* 0.0036 <= 0

Looking forward for your response.


Warm Regards,

Vinay Saini

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