Modeling two countries in one database
Dear All, 
I am trying to models of India and Nepal electricity system in one database for estimation of power trade between them using  Bi-Trade processes. I will be running the model by keeping both the countries as internal region.  I would be grateful if anyone can provide clarity on the following:

(1). What is the overall objective function when both the regions are running together. 

(2). In the joint model will the AnswerTimes have a single objective function of minimizing the overall system cost (treating both India and Nepal as one) or it will have two objective functions wherein it will minimize the overall system cost individually for Nepal and Individually for India.  We are trying to find the trade potential between the two countries through this exercise.

(3). Is it possible to find the cost/price fo trade between the two countries as for two internal regions cost/price will be decided/calculated by the model.

(4). How do we extract the shadow prices from a model run.

I am using AnswerTIMES for modelling.

Warm Regards
Vinay Saini

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