Integration of Two Seperate Models
Dear all, I am having a querry regarding integration of two independent AnswerTIMES Model. For instance if I am having two models 'ABC.mbd' and 'EFG.mbd' which are modeled sperately and running fine. Now if I have to create new model XYZ that have two internal regions with all the data of ABC and EFG as two seperate internal regions, how to do that in an easy way as i dont want to remodel the old database again in the new Model. 

Model 1: ABC.mbd having internal region ABC; Model 2: EFG.mbd havign inernal region EFG. Now I want Model 3: XYZ.mbd having two internal region ABC and EFG and also the commodities and processes as same as that of ABC and EFG.

Can that problem be solved using export and import ? or is there any other options to do that.

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