Timestep compatibility with other Module

Ok, I think I see where the problem is.

BTW:  decided to delete the ZIP file from here, as you had used an option to include the full TIMES source code in the listing file.

I verified that the problem is not related to the TIMES code itself, but to your FIA extension, which is not correctly coded to be usable under the stepped mode.  And, as ETSAP does not provide support for the proper GAMS coding of user extensions, it is basically your responsibility.

But I can give some quick advice:  You should include the TIMESTEP controls directly in the equation headers (e.g. EQ_FIAOF(R,T,P,S)) and remove them from the code inside the equations.

I can also see that you are using a very old TIMES version (3.3.1). Note that TIMES support is basically always provided only for the latest versions.


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