Perfect Foresight vs. Time-Stepped Approach
Hi Antti,

Just to follow up on the user constraint, here is the formulation I need to implement:

NCAP_ITAX(t) = function(VAR_NCAP(t-1))

The 'function' I have is a non-linear one, but let's assume that I can approximate to a linear one.

The user constraint can be translated to,

NCAP_ITAX(t) - function(VAR_NCAP(t-1)) <= 0

I have two questions here:

a) Is there a way to generalize this equation for all the timeperiods? I have so far explicitly specified the model constraints and values for each year/timeperiod based on back-end calculations. I will not know the NCAP values for the timeperiods prior to running, so it makes sense to generalize the equation.

b) I need to calculate the NCAP_ITAX dynamically with previous year's VAR_NCAP values. How can I include a function that takes NCAP values to arrive at new ITAX values?

As you can see, this is becoming similar to ETL problem. Is there a simple way to implement this?

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