Perfect Foresight vs. Time-Stepped Approach

Kalai Wrote:Here is the formulation I need to implement: NCAP_ITAX(t) = function(VAR_NCAP(t-1))
That would seem more difficult. As you can see from my previous post, I was talking about VAR_FLO(t) = Function(VAR_NCAP(t-1)), and then setting a tax on the flow. I did not mention NCAP_ITAX at all.

Kalai Wrote:Is there a way to generalize this equation for all the timeperiods?
I am not sure how to do it with NCAP_ITAX (maybe you would need a dummy process for that). But with the flow approach I mentioned, sure: user constraints are normally generated for all timeperiods. See the documentation for details about user constraints.

Kalai Wrote:How can I include a function that takes NCAP values to arrive at new ITAX values?
Again, I don't know, as did not mention ITAX myself at all. But for the flow approach, you can easily define a linear function F such that FLOW(t)=F(NCAP(t-1)) by using the UC facility.

Kalai Wrote:Can you please given the equation equivalent of your description "you can use a dynamic user constraint between t and t+1..."
  Hmm... does not FLOW(t)=F(NCAP(t-1)) qualify for you as an equation equivalent?


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