Stochastics in TIMES

Your question about the predefined sets is quite valid, but remember that in MARKAL the number of stages was limited to 2 and the number or SOWs was limited to 9.

Although I have not tested it, I think you can easily extend the domains of the sets J and ALLSOW by defining them in the RUN file, with your own ranges. If I am not mistaken, the redefinition should work well if you put them after the call for initsys.mod, but before loading the DD files. For example, to set both sets up to 200 elements, you could try adding the following lines:
SET J / 1*200 /;
SET ALLSOW / 1*200 /;
I admit that I should have tested that myself before giving this advice. Let me know if it does not work for you (in that case you should get some compiler errors).
Concerning the other question, I am afraid that I don't quite understand what you are aiming at. In the experimental Spines option all the capacity-related variables have only a single SOW index in all stages.

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