Seasonal HP

I am modelling a HP where I want to take into consideration the changes of performance through the different outdoor temperatures during the year. For that, three process are created, one to take the investment cost into consideration and two other processes, one to account for low efficiency in winter and another to account for high efficiency in Summer. Then, AF is used to use the process with high efficiency in summer (but not in winter) and the process with low efficiency in winter (but not in summer). So these three processes would represent, let's say, an electric heat pump.

A commodity (ie: HPINV) is flowing out of the investment process and is going into the two other processes. other two commodities are also going into this other two processes, Ambient temperature (AHT) and Electricity (ELC).

Question: How can I establish that the production of each unit of heat (RHUN) out of these two processes needs 0.25 units of ELC, 0.75 units of AHT.....PLUS one unit of HPINV?  (I think Share cannot be used because I do not want HPINV to be part of the share).

Or do you have a best practice to model seasonal changes in HP performance?


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