Timeslice and peak setting
Dear all:
    We encountered some problems in the process of studying the optimal configuration of regional power systems:
   1.We want to divide the renewable energy generation system into spring, summer, autumn and winter, and consider sunny, cloudy and rainy seasons for each season. Wind power also has to think about the range of wind speeds, and it has to think about peak-peaking, and it has to think about day and night.
   2.We want to add energy storage to the power system: pumping energy storage, compressed air energy storage, battery energy storage, etc., how they are defined, and we want to add peak-shaving to the energy storage, how to set it up and whether there is a model reference
   3.We want to consider carbon tax, total carbon dioxide limit, subsidy, and the addition of carbon trading market, how to set in the scenario module, what are the model attributes involved, and can you provide relevant model reference?

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