"Delay is ignored"
In the QUALITY ASSURANCE LOG I get the following error message when I use NCAP_START or PRC_NOFF in some technologies.

"Delay is ignored"

What does this error message indicate ? How do I solve this?


Ahh..., I guess this is just the good old warning about "Delayed Process but PASTInvestment"?

If so, it just informs you that you cannot turn off those past investments with NCAP_START/PRC_NOFF; those capacities will be available regardless. This warning was in place already in 1999, when the first TIMES beta versions came out...  Wink

However, new investments will in any case be turned off in accordance with NCAP_START/PRC_NOFF, and so "the delay" is not ignored for them.

Thank you for the clarification.

This message appears inter alia if I have included both PRC_RESID = 0 & NCAP_START so I assume this warning is not important in these instances.

Hmm... that sounds strange.

I just tested it myself (putting a zero PRC_RESID, and NCAP_START > BOH), and I did not get any warning.  Do you happen to be setting an IE option for the PRC_RESID as well?

But yes you are right, it is not important at all.


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