Dual fuel-reporting

There's a dual fuel generator in my model with 2 commodities in, say GAS and OIL, and one output, ELC (output based activity process). The two inputs are not used in fixed proportions. At the moment, I am only modelling with Answer-Times, and I don't have VEDA_BE installed.

I'd like, if possible, to make Times report ELC by fuel, meaning how much of the electricity produced by the process was by using GAS and how much using OIL.

I've been thinking of maybe creating a bound or user constraint that used (VAR_FIN Gas/VAR_FOUT ELC), or maybe create a CG Gas+Oil, and then get Times report the proportion between (Gas/(Gas+Oil)). At the moment, there are only ideas, I still can't get to a good way to get Times to report what I want or something nearer, so that I don't have to manipulate the results so much every time I do a new run.

Any ideas would be welcome.

Thank you


Dear Sara,

Without some help from the user, such a reporting is a bit error-prone in TIMES. This is because TIMES does not really know which processes are electricity producing processes, and which are not. That's why I have suggested to Ken a long time ago that ANSWER could provide some report specification parameters as well, which could be used to define some custom reports.

However, I have implemented for myself such an electricity supply reporting parameter, but it depends on certain simplifying assumptions: It considers all normal processes, which have any electricity output commodity in the Primary Group and do not have any electricity commodities as inputs, as electricity production technologies. In addition, it includes any electricity trade in the supply. In this way I get the full electricity supply by energy source reported in my results.

I could, of course, add this kind of a reporting parameter quite easily also to the ANSWER reporting routine, if you can contact Ken and will convince him of the usefulness of such a reporting parameter for ANSWER.  Embarrassed
Hi, Antti
Thank you very much for your reply. I'll do my best to convince Ken....hopefully he'll say yes. I'll also pray for that Smile

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