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Pollution Reduction Activity - vsaini - 03-05-2016

Dear All, I would like to know can we model an process with negative output such as pollution reduction activity ? Warm Regards Vinay Saini

RE: Pollution Reduction Activity - Antti-L - 03-05-2016

Yes, we can. You just need to use FLO_EMIS for defining the negative output in proportion to the process activity (or some other flow). The negative flow itself cannot be the primary group, or member of the primary group. However, the more commonly used approach is to define a positive input flow for reducing the emissions instead of a negative output flow, because the remaining emissions can be measured from the NET production (gross production minus consumption).

RE: Pollution Reduction Activity - vsaini - 03-05-2016

Dear Dr. Antti, Thank you for your prompt reply and constant support. Warm Regards Vinay Saini