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$Set parameter in <case>.RUN - yvann - 23-07-2015


I have a question related to the parameters defined by: $ set, present in the <Case> .RUN file. I have the feeling that if it is followed by a semicolon, it is ignored in the execution of model. For example the parameter of discrete investment: $ set DSC yes; is not taken into account in the execution of my model.

Can you enlighten me on this?
Thank You

$Set parameter in <case>.RUN - Antti-L - 23-07-2015

Yes, quite correct.  If you add a semicolon at the end, the parameter value will include the semicolon, and will not work as intended.

It is advisable to change all the control settings via the user shell (VEDA/ANSWER) to avoid any errors like that.

$Set parameter in <case>.RUN - yvann - 23-07-2015

Thank you for the clarification and fast response Smile